What’s the matter Mousie? Method got you down?

I understand completely.

Things are, sometimes, not what they seem.

So many reasons to lose your cool (or worse, your faith).

Everyday is different; sometimes up-beat, sometimes down-trodden; and everything in between. As we know, the mental aspect is the most important of the Pilates applications. On days that we don’t want to exercise, we need to use that mental aspect with greater force, and maketh ourselves worketh out.

We are humans, after all. All subject to external influence. Some of us rocks and islands, deflect the negative of life quite easily. Some of us are the opposite and, crumble at the slightest provocation; and everything in between.

Again, such an important specificity, as relating to the student/teacher relationship.

I’m sorry, but, if you “do Pilates” and your body doesn’t change for the better, you should be mad…..but not at The Method.

Not its fault.

“Do we have to assign blame?”

Well, not necessarily, but we do need to pinpoint the source of the problem; is it poor teacher motivation/intention/instruction? Or is it a recalcitrant student?

Pick one.

If you, the paying client, are faithful to your instructor simply because you like them, or are concerned with their financial well-being, then you likely are content in your rut.

Perhaps the belligerent student needs a better source of motivation. This could be offered in one of the following ways: The Three E’s, if you will, Potentially Provided Per Pilates Professionals.

1. Expertise: This is, naturally, the most important. The amount of knowledge that a teacher possesses will dictate the length and level of the experience for the student. Generally, such knowledge is gained over time, so assume that a veteran instructor has more to say than a novice. But, one never knows…..the Mozart of Contrology may be lurking out there, somewhere.

2. Example: This is nearly as important as the preceding point. Pilates teachers who look and act the part will likely serve as an adequate role-model. One who is absolutely true to The Method, is practicing religiously. The effects are quite noticeable. All of the instructors that I personally admire, treat The Method as they do air, water and food. Indispensable and addictive.

3. Encouragement: And finally, the glue that holds it all together. The motivation process is clear and simple. Simple messages are best within the context. Expertise and Example provide the message that The Method actually works. This paves a path of confidence and assurance of a potentially stronger, physical future for all. Of course an instructor’s ability for dialogue and discourse is crucial to all of the preceding points. And, I’m referring to Pilates-based conversation; anything else is a waste of time and should be eliminated from the hour.

So treat each Pilates experience with sentiment and soul-searching sincerity, that you may deepen and strengthen your Contrology Commitment.

Melt the Madness.