It’s only Teenage Waistline.

“But, where’d it go?”

Well, as many people age, the amount of visceral fat that gradually collects in the abdomen, gradually expands the waistline. Visceral fat collects, in pockets, around the liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.

“Why does it happen?”

There are a number of causes to match the effect:

1. Lack of exercise;

2. Poor diet;

3. Excessive alcohol consumption;

4. Smoking cigarettes.

The order, given above, would likely give some meaning to a list of poor decision making. If one could change #1, #2-3 would be less obtrusive albeit needing a stricter approach. #4 should be avoided entirely.

Now, #1 MUST include a blend of muscular/skeletal training, along with a disciplined cardiovascular routine. If this becomes a daily routine, the Teenage Waistline will be back. And, according to Joseph Pilates, what we eat and drink is irrelevant, when solid physical health has been obtained.

“So, let’s all get waisted!”