“Gotta get the pain out my body! But how?” Joint pain, sore, stiff muscles that are weak and inflexible…..these are symptoms are caused by injury, inactivity, and aging. Inactivity is the only cause that we can control to extreme. Injury? Loof both ways before you cross the street, and choose a ski slope according to… continue reading


It’s only Teenage Waistline. “But, where’d it go?” Well, as many people age, the amount of visceral fat that gradually collects in the abdomen, gradually expands the waistline. Visceral fat collects, in pockets, around the liver, kidneys, intestines, etc. “Why does it happen?” There are a number of causes to match the effect: 1. Lack… continue reading


An important aspect of helpful-heart-health is the cardiovascular experience. The heart is, actually, a simple mechanism that pumps blood through the body. The electrical stimulus of the heart itself, allows it to be on constant auto-pilot. This automation is, likely, the main reason that we neglect the health of the heart; we take it for… continue reading