There is strength in numbers. Practicing The Method with a group of friends can be a most inspiring activity and experience. Improve the flow toward a greater sense of precision, rhythm, and energy. A little bit of competition is always a healthy component as well. Take turns in leading the exercises for more involvement and… continue reading


This is bound to happen to a complacent practitioner, or a student whose teacher isn’t paying attention. Getting off of a plateau can be a challenge depending on where you are going and where you are coming from. Ascending from a lower level can be hard because we are faced with stripping outside of our… continue reading


Hey! Slow down the speaky-speak! You can only fit so many words into a sentence. A listener can only absorb so much information…..all else is lost. Besides, students need to accelerate at a slower pace than you think; too much information, too soon is pointless…..I know this, as I have had to, personally, change this… continue reading